Monday, 5 July 2010


11.00am: Walking into the back store room of The Dressing Up Box it didn’t exactly scream fashion straight away. A room full of abandoned sandals, bottles of water and half eaten tubes of Pringles. Sam dashes past with a half put together outfit and asks Danielle which shoes, a killer pair of super high Topshop heels or wedges? Now we’re talking fashion!

11.30am: After hair is groomed to perfection and the last coat of mascara and lipstick applied- (there’s no hair pulling, bitching, or screeching in our photoshoot) models get undressed, and changed into their first fabulous outfit ready for the photoshoot. The atmosphere is relaxed and upbeat. Sam has invited a fellow fashion student, Caitlin Ogilvie down to have a peak at the shop and chat about all the goings on, (read Caitlin’s review on

12.00pm: Emma, one of the models who had been in the Dressing Up Box the following week to do our promo video (that treat is yet to be unleashed!) talks about her highlight of working with Danielle and Sam to date, “Its so fab to be working with two young girls really trying to promote creativeness in the area, and make a small town fashionable! It inspires me to make a more conscious effort on a day to day basis seeing what they are doing- I love it!”

1.00pm: After a few fabulous initial shots the beautiful girls were much more relaxed and there was an all round amazing atmosphere for the photoshoot. This is always when the best photos are created, when everyone can bounce off and work well with each other.

3.00pm: Still shooting and having such a laugh, it was just a very laid back amateur photoshoot to document some of the stock, and show everyone exciting ways to wear our beautiful vintage. The photos of Sam’s Isolated Heros collection were fantastic!

5.00pm: Photoshoot is over and what a day it has been-Everyone leaves on a high! Photos still to be launched….watch this space!!!

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